Holly Harmon

Holly Harmon


Before even graduating college, Holly was thrust into a leadership marketing role for a high profile, performing arts non-profit organization. This fortunate opportunity allowed Holly to quickly excel as a marketing and communications professional and laid the foundation for entrepreneurship. While in this post, she became very adept at managing and stretching a budget, forming strategic partnerships, thinking quickly on her feet, and maintaining a vision for longterm goals.

Before launching Ampersand PR in 2008, Holly spent nearly a decade in account management roles at several well-known Valley PR agencies. She brings both a creative public relations background and business oriented marketing approach when creating programs for her clients. With more than two decades serving as a PR professional in the Valley, she has strong media relationships and a broad network of connections to draw upon. A very hands-on business owner, Holly considers herself an extension of her clients’ teams, and she has a “roll up your sleeves and get it done” approach to work. Holly has an unwavering commitment to her clients, and she lives for their successes. 

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